Do you support Atom?


Do you support PubSubHubBub?


Do you support authenticated feeds?


Do you have an API?


Do you have an app?


How often are feeds updated?

Feeds that have to be polled are updated no more often than once every 30 minutes, and no less often than once a day. The exact interval depends on the feed’s history and how many subscribers it has.

Of course feeds that support PubSubHubBub are updated within some constant factor of instantly.

How many entries do you store per feed?

We store the last 1000 entries for each feed, starting from when the feed was added to TBRSS.

Do you have a bookmarklet for subscribing?

The subscription page has a bookmarklet you can use.

Do you have a browser extension for subscribing?


In Chrome and Chrome-derived browsers, you can easily configure the RSS Subscription Extension to use TBRSS by setting the correct endpoint:


What are the browser requirements for TBRSS?

Since TBRSS uses Stripe to accept payments, you need to have JavaScript turned on to start your subscription.

Other than that, TBRSS uses progressive enhancement, so there are no hard browser requirements.

If something doesn’t work in your browser, please send a bug report to .

What (human) languages does TBRSS support?

The only language for the user interface and documentation is English.

The officially supported languages for reading are English, French, Spanish and German – “supported” meaning “tested.” You may have luck with others.


How much does TBRSS cost?

TBRSS costs $2 a month.

How do I pay?

You pay with Stripe.

Is there a free trial?


However, you can try out the site right now for free by adding feeds manually or by uploading an OPML file.

Later you can save your account and provide payment information.

(If you do not save your account, there is no charge.)

How To

How do I create an account?

Sign up, then start your subscription as soon as possible. (There is a grace period.)

How do I delete my account?

  1. Save your subscriptions.
  2. On the account page, press the big red “Delete Account” button.
  3. Confirm.

You don’t have to delete your account just to stop payments. On the account page, choose “Suspend Account” instead. That will stop payments until you’re ready to resume them. Your account will become inaccessible at some point. (There is a grace period.)

How do I import subscriptions (OPML)?

If you have an OPML file, go to the OPML import page and upload it.

Feeds that are already in the system will be integrated into your reading list immediately. Other feeds may take a little while to show up. The feeds page will show the progress.

How do I export my subscriptions (OPML)?

Download them.

How do I read older entries?

Go to the feeds page and bring up a feed to see its history.

(How many entries are available in the history depends on when the feed was first added to TBRSS.)

How do I tag (untag) a feed?

You can add to or edit a feed’s tag from that feeds’ page.

You can also do bulk editing of tags from the tags page.


What does “TBRSS” stand for?

The name, “TBRSS,” is an acro-portmanteau of To Be Read and RSS.

(RSS is one kind of feed, and people often say “RSS” and “feed” interchangeably. “Feed reader” and “RSS reader” are synonyms.)

Is TBRSS open-source?


However, many parts of TBRSS are open-source. These can be found on our GitHub.

Who runs TBRSS?

TBRSS is a one-man project. The one man is Paul M. Rodriguez, writer and programmer.

How do I report a bug?

Send an email to .